True or False – AI content is the future of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Chris M. Walker 👑🎩
True or False – AI content is the future of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? 🤖


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Mushfiq Sarker
Artificial Intelligence (AI) content tools in 2021 are the article spinners of 2010s. Use them as supplementary tools, not replacements.

Mike Friedman 🎩 » Mushfiq Sarker
Lol. AI writers are so far ahead of spinners. There is absolutely no comparison.
Mushfiq Sarker » Mike Friedman
As supplementary to your writing, not replacement. You missed the point.
Mike Friedman 🎩 » Mushfiq Sarker
No you missed the point. Spinners were never capable of producing anything other than crap. With AI writers that is not the case.
Mushfiq Sarker » Mike Friedman
Agreed. AI "writers" can produce better content than spinners. No doubt out that.
However, if you think your AI content can beat Google's algorithms (built on the most powerful AI) long term, I wish you the best of luck.

Eddy Caspers
Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is pointless and irrelevant.
AI content is helpful for content managers (social media), it can save them a lot of time (and impress customers), but these workers are not involved in SEO, that's a whole different branch. The question was about SEO.
SEO'ers are not journalist writer types, we replicate content from templates (localized mass page generation). Data-driven content generation.
SEO'ers need to be able to generate as many webpages as possible to capture leads. This can only be achieved using spintax and shortcodes, by using either WordPress plugins or your own HTML generator software.
For SEO (mass page generation) you should only think in terms of (often re-useable) paragraphs (using {spintax|spun text}) (that's what I do).
I am still testing Jarvis AI, perhaps I should use it as part of my team's keyword research method? (let's see what AI would generate/write?).
So far I found that the quality of the 'AI' output depends entirely on the topic (keyword) and the concerned language. This 'AI' doesn't 'think'.. it searches (should not be called AI). Therefor certain topics give a disappointing output (not intelligent, simply couldn't find enough content).
AI content is regurgitated-someone-else's-content, you can do better, or shouldn't be using this in the first place.
David Heaton
Edited AI content is letting my writer pop out 5k articles in no time and we are regularly ranking pages for tough keywords before even going after backlink campaigns… it's a tool and if used correctly is exploding out ability to rank multiple keywords

Rick Anderson » David Heaton
Why mix frase with muse? Isn't frase good enough all by it's lonesome? Follow up…is the free version of M-Muse (with 35 queries per month) sufficient for your purposes or are you simply taking advantage of the fact that you get a little bit for free?
David Heaton » Rick Anderson
Marketmuse has better extra keywords to add but I have like multiple codes stacked from appsumo and go through all of my monthly queries until recently

Mike Sims
It seems like there's a fundamental misunderstanding of what tools are and how they're used. AI writing tools can help you get off the "blank page", but you still need to do the work and edit, re-structure, etc.
Blows my mind how many "digital marketers" think tools should do all the work. That's like buying a hammer and expecting it to build the entire deck for you while you kick back and relax.
Yamil Francisco 🎓🎩
Absolutely! I use them to write content for my sites all the time. Yes sometimes I am scratching my head like what WTF But I usually don't have to rewrite the whole thing which saves me a lot of time.
Art Ros
It will be a very long while before AI fully understands all the weird shit clients ask of you.
Dan Parker
False because Google will always be 1 step ahead of the AI content tools

Kevin Maguire » Dan Parker
They still struggle with spun content.
Dan Parker » Kevin Maguire
Spun is garbage that won't stay ranked because the Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) will be so bad. Regarding AI content, I've tested it all, Google knows if content is written by Generative Pretrained Transformer (GPT)-3, it's own version of this is so much more advanced and is advancing quicker than the others. It will always be there better AI vs inferior AI's.
Kevin Maguire » Dan
I don't agree in the slightest with that, but horses for courses.
Dan Parker » Kevin Maguire
Can you show me some sites making over a few thousand dollars a month from just AI content?
If AI content is heavily edited then I don't think that should count.
Kevin Maguire » Dan
What kind of request is that?😅
Dan Parker » Kevin Maguire
So you don't have sites making money from AI content and you don't know any that are. How do you know it works so well then 😂 anyway i'm out, I've already spent too much time on this. Take care 👊
Kevin Maguire » Dan
In what world would I be sending you or anyone for that matter, links to ranking sites? 🤣 Grab another beer, and take care yourself. 🤙
Dan Parker » Kevin Maguire
I wasn't asking to see your sites, just asking if you knew any. It's easy to say you know something, it's hard to prove it if you don't know it, and you can't show any proof ai content stays ranked any makes money so how I can take you side of it seriously
Kevin Maguire » Dan Parker
Oh ok now I get what you're saying. Well you'll have to take my word for it, or not. 🤙


Alexis Marchena
For ranking I guess they will eventually get there but I've tried out several AI content generators and they ended up creating more work for me. So i would stick to writing it out. For the purpose of gaining authority on like web 2.0's I guess they work but I really dislike like that mumbo-jumbo content.
Rich Missey
In stages, yes.
Today, most marketers and/or teams don't have the technical know how to properly train machine learning. As someone else said: garbage in, garbage out. It takes time and effort to get the machine to understand context that supports its dictionary.
There will be a a point in the future where the majority of content we see online is – at least in part – machine written. Human editors will be needed to review machine generated content for the foreseeable future (barring a leap in ML and AI)

Dino Carnay » Rich Missey
I always believed in GARBAGE IN, garbage out

Kristian Breslin
I'm sure it will seems for a while like it's great, people will say it's responsible for much higher rankings, what happens when everyone is using it regurgitated, it will then be obsolete, I truly think the following is a factor, the expansion of internet sites will lead to more and more drop shippers possibly the typical candidate for AI content apps, to keep the playing field level those bigger companies who have original content will end up head and shoulders victorious. It's the equivalent of an algorithm in many ways, has to account for all business considerations and keep the natural lay of the land, what a truly excellent way to do it

Ahmed Nabi » Kristian Breslin
Did an AI type this reply?
Kristian Breslin
why are you already conditioned to believe if it did not then it isn't true lol

Martin van Stein
Yes of course AI will replace Search Engine Optimization (SEO)… and it won't stop there.
Because the internet is a controlled and predictable environment… the only people who won't be affected that much are people who are plumbers, Airco repair men etc..
For most it will be the industrial revolution all over again … from truck drivers to paralegals, all will be replaced by AI.
It will be the end of capitalism and most likely democracy as well… as you will have an enormous amount of people who have no purpose/place anymore and will get a government hand out, paid for by the few who still bring money in and therefore own or are government
Jesse Neubert
Quality aside for long form content…
GPT-3 content out of the box is detectable.
Custom models are as well, but Google would have to fingerprint each of them.
Not cost effective for G until they become a problem.
Those with deep pockets who have trained their own models stand to reap the biggest rewards for the long term.
That is, if Foogle deems AI content to be a problem at all.
Alix McNeill
It's annoying people ragging on AI but see it as a replacement and not an assistant
Look how much ai we have now, this is the worst it's ever going to be.
It will only get better as it's developed
Personally, I think it's exciting.
Who knows what the future will be, I do think AI will be a stronger part of it
What's your thoughts, Chris?
Rishabh Singh
AI content generators are not bad at all. Though it depends a lot on the niche as well. With time AI tools will only evolve and the content they will generate will be good enough for most website owners.
However, it will also create an issue of content flood on the Internet. Google may try a few techniques to catch AI-generated content but it's near to impossible to catch all the AI-generated content.
I believe they will come up with something else to tackle this situation. And that's where the SEO game will change.
Sahil Manchanda
Yes, it is powerful and not only for SEO writing but for essay, products description, newsletters and much more.
PS Few AI web apps giving 7 days trial. No credit card required and you can test them for upto 20 free blogs/ articles.
PPS I have tested one & it is great. Max. plagiarism was 4% (acceptable to me) for meaningful unique content delivered.


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