Getting a 100 Page Speed Score

Today, I offended lot of pro SEO users. I did a simple post, I am getting 100 page speed score with this and this stuff.
Some people sparked an irrelevant discussion about importance of page speed.
Basically there were 3 types of responses
1- People who pointed page speed was nothing, you are wasting time blah blah. They might be right or wrong, I don't pass judgement here. And don't think my post was about initiating this discussion.
I consider this whole discussion irrelevant. Irrelevant to to my post not to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I did not claim that page speed was the greatest SEO factor or you should leave everything aside and fix speed first.
My point is simple, if you can achieve that with little efforts, why not?
2- $ome People who rightly pointed out that my site was too simple. It had only text and images and no complex elements that's why I am getting high scores. I think they were on the point.
Others also pointed out that I might be sacrificing User Experience (UX) at the cost of speed. They are also right.
However, I would lik to point out a few things. To answer the UX question.
2- Some niches don't require lot of design elements. My site is in the APK niche and pretty much all sites have really simple design and basic functionality. Even those generating $1000/ day. $1000 a day, might not be big for some of you, but for me it is huge.
Look at this site for instance by Morten
Now look at my site, design and UX wise.
Look at the design. Even get does not have image at the top of every page. Very very simple but super successful.
If I was allowed,I would have put link of many other super simple designed site earning $1000/ a day.
So my site has similar design and functionality to my competitors sites but with good speed and performance.
I am sacrificing UX at just one point, that is I don't have any image at the top of every page. I was doing that earlier and getting 95+. This was an experiment to push them downward and they did increase page speed.
I have tables like my competitors
Buttons like my competitors
Small images like my competitors
Table of contents
Social icons
Contact form
Now coming back to my post. Why it was helpful to a third group.
1- Certain themes are faster than others. It is a fact that for same page design, some themes give better performance. And people are interested to know and if I am sharing my experience with them, it might be helpful to some people. If it is not helpful to you, no problem.
3- Some plugins are slow and you can use alternative plugins to get the same things done.
And sometimes one plugin can replace 5 plugins.
For instance, I have seen many sites using
1- classic editor for posts (1million plus)
2- with classic editor they use table plugin for basic tables
3- then they use button plugins for button
4- they use tables of content plugins
5- they use contact form 7
You can do all these things with one plugin.
My intention was to help others. Maybe for many of you, this was a waste of time but for others, it might be helpful.


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Never ever get discouraged by these so called experts. In my opinion, experts are never arrogant and rude. They don't belittle others to sound wise or to come across as smart. That's exactly what most of these so called "gurus" do in groups across Facebook. They reek of supremacist attitudes.
These sites can generate 1k/day?

Sohail ✍️ » Kevim is generating $1k/day. It is an open secret.
I know many sites in APK niche generating $1k/ day.
oh that's kind of crazy, the UI/UX looks so terrible
Sohail ✍️ » Kevim
Dear the UI/UX is being complicated by the gurus. User prefer simple sites. Easy to navigate and helpful content.

I was really disappointed when I read the comments in your last post. I'm in this group since a week and already got a feeling that the community sucks 🤷‍♂️
I'm sorry you got negative feedback. Speed and usability is essential for engagement, and Google loves engagement. I just had a client's site optimized. We have a 98 score in Core Web Vitals (CWV) and 100 in GTMetrix from a score of 28. Absolutely no changes to visuals or usability on the site. It looks identical. And I'll add, it's a complex design, unlike yours. Took very little time, just a good amount of intelligence which we have, so why not? With that and other technical SEO improvements we regained 4 positions we had lost. Coincidence? Maybe. But it was so simple, and results so good, I'll try it again on another site to see.
Bro no offense but that site was nothingness and its super easy to rank out on core vitals with simple frames and tables. If that's what your site needs then rock on. Quit overthinking it and do whats good for the client. Show me some Elementor with complex popup form fills and full hero images and multiple strings for dynamic interaction and title queries. Then drop your Core vitals. Its a good learning experience. Just don't expect anyone to be impressed with Kadence + Gutenberg + simple frames. 🤷‍♂️

Sohail ✍️ » Cory
Why should I put these stuff when I don't need them. When I will have site that needs these stuff, I will do it.
Sohail ✍️
This site is earning $30k per month. Now compare it with my site. My goal is just this. And many sites in my niche are earning this much with this much simplicity.…/
Connecticut RV & Camping: Time, Dates & Rules (With Examples)
Cory » Sohail
Your point is mute because you were talking about a metric that doesn't matter if they are making 30k…right?
Sohail ✍️ » Cory
My point becomes valid when you look at the speed of my competitors. Their speed score is 30 for mobile. While design and functionality wise, sites are identical.
Sohail ✍️
It is as simple as that just by installing Elementor, you drop from 99 to 87. If you add a hero with elementor, you drop to 70. For elementor pop up, I am pretty sure, you hit 50.


Mike 🎩
I think you missed my point. You scored a 100 on PSI. So what? Was your site ranking better because of it? Nope. Was your site making more money because of it? Nope. PSI scores are little more than a vanity metric.
If your site is making good money for you, then who cares if you score a 100 or you score a 10? If you are making money, that's all that matters.
And to be even a little more frank, your post did not really offer anything of value. It was little more than bragging. You mentioned a theme and like 2 plugins you used. That was the closest thing to any kind of "value" you offered.
You didn't go over any details of how you improved your scores or things you improved on the site. There was nothing anyone could really learn off of what you posted. There were no actionable steps. No how-to guide.
Hey, it's fine if yo want to brag, but let's just not pretend like it was something more than it was.

Cory » Mike
All of this 👆. I was just being nice.
Kevin » Mike
I do this, all the time. 😅
Mike 🎩 » Kevin
Which part?
Kevin » Mike
Feed my ego bragging.
Sohail ✍️ » Kevin
Ranking not the topic of my post. Why you divert the whole point of my post.
As far value, your point is valid. I should have explain the whole process. Next time will take care of that.
Bragging, who doesn't?

I think your heart is in the right place my friend and you do admit to some things that I was impressed you admitted to. But when you show a 100 on Core Web Vitals (CWV) people are going to check you out because it's not easy to do that. You can't be just a web designer to do it I'll tell you that unless as you very impressively pointed out you create a very dull and boring site which might be fine for some niches like you pointed out. You have to be a real web dev that can hard code and most people these days in these forums aren't web devs they're web designers. There is a big difference.
You also told us flat out that you were using a theme plugins and free versions at that. So that's how come we know you're not a web dev.
Then maybe we were wrong assuming by going with the other guys examination and finding a broken website which is how people often fake really good cwv scores. It's not at all uncommon to defer JavaScript and break your website but do a PSI or cwv test and show that test off. Pretty fake right? So with all these discrepancies you can expect people are going to light you up a little bit.
But again I think your heart is in the right place and you're only human. Keep trucking along you'll be fine.
Ignore negativity buddy.. There's plenty of the that in the world.. We can't keep getting triggered by that.. Make your point and move on…
No need to get disheartened by some 'super experts'. I also have a website (store), with extremely simple design and it performs good in Search Engine Result Page (SERP) with good sales. My main focus is to help site visitors, instead of getting them impressed with fancy site design. I know, some 'experts' here are actually naive.
Real experts do not belittle others. Just remember Plato's famous remarks, "I know that I don't know".
And to the people who say Core Web Vitals is not even a ranking factor and speed doesn't matter:…/google-core-web…/415533/amp/
Core Web Vitals Ranking Factor is More than a Tie Breaker

Mike 🎩
Nobody said it is not a ranking factor. What most of us have been saying is that it is a very minor factor at best, much like when the Pagespeed, Mobile-friendly, and HTTPS updates launched in the past. None of them had a significant impact on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP)s.
Google is just trying to scare everyone into speeding up their sites so that it takes them less resources to crawl the web. It will save them millions of dollars and they can report slightly higher profits to their stockholders.


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