One Niche Expert SEO Agency Versus Wholesale SEO Agency

Hello. I own a small business, and I am speaking with a few SEO companies about providing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services for my business. One of the companies ONLY works with companies in my industry. Would that make that company a much better choice than any other company?


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There are some advantages but the principles are still the same. And frankly I think ethics are a big deal – it's easy to get ripped off. It's about results they get for for you – don't be swayed by meaningless promises.
Also – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) typically takes time. And it may very well require some work on your site, or work creating content, or analysis of your competitors.
Odds are, you're not going to rank right away for the main search terms you're thinking of. It doesn't mean you won't see increased rankings or traffic, but sometimes a better foundation needs laid.
It's much better to work with someone who's honest with you upfront about all that. You're much less likely to waste your money that way.
It definitely helps Jason.
How can someone that offers say a beauty salon SEO know as much as say a roofing companies SEO.
It's a big advantage to get granular and offer just SEO in one niche.
They know what keywords work and what strategies to go for to get results.
A lot of the research phase has already been done, over and over. It's straight to getting you ranked.
They should have multiple case studies to show also which provides the trust element.
Good luck. 👍

Erik » Ross
Yup and they also have subject matter expertise that will help with creating quality content .
They have connections for guest posting, niche backlinks. They have niche specific Private Blog Network (PBN). Etc
Couldn't agree more Erik, all my clients said that was the no.1 reason they went with me.
As soon as I started talking about their business and using their lingo they were blown away.
The results they get then backs up their decision 👍

It does make it easier if the SEO company has experience in your industry.
1. Keyword research is easier
2. They can write content without having to bill you for research time
3. Anyone more familiar with your products or services will be more effective if all else is equal.
That's a myth. Yes, agencies exclusive to specific industries do exist, but that's only an USP. You should consider other agencies too.
Yeah, go for him. He has more experience in your industry and would be able to understand your requirements in a better way. Instead of going to a "jack of all trades, master of none", my advise is to go for an expert in your industry. This may sound BS to others, but a niche expert is always good. I specialize in B2B (Industrial Batteries, Power Solutions and Fire Fighting Equipments), Real Estate and Retail. In retail there are many niches but I service beauty salons, beauty treatments, ecommerce. I don't take any industry just to make money. Money is secondary, customer service is utmost for me.
If a company specializes in your field and can present evidence of successful campaigns then I would say go for it. My company works with a process that has been very successful for our clients, but if someone has evidence they will produce profits, and I mean PROFITS then go for it.
i speak for my own experience, because I'm focused on one industry I'm able to find hidden gems and easy topics to write about and rank for ..
the more I'm dedicated to one industry i started to find questions gone unanswered and there is no way to find them on research tools or anywhere if I'm not involved and have relationships with businesses themselves
sure its easy to rank in any industry but will rank on things like every buddy else and competing with the crowded ..
knowing my industry allowed me to know what to target first in order to achieve a quick result within a month instead of figuring out a new industry each time i do campaign ..
the big difference between general agency and specialized agency is the TAT to achieve tangible results
You should go with the company which is already doing work for your relevant industry. Because they have an experienced on particular industry so they will implement a better strategy then other.


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