To Show SEO Presentations to New Business Owners Within 30 Minutes

So, I get invited to give SEO Presentations to new business owners, and usually do a 60 min overview. Because of budgeting an organization wants me to condense it to 30 mins, but it still be "in depth" 😫
I did explain that will be a bit of a challenge, they agreed to 60 mins, then changed it to 30 mins…
I'm thinking I'll do a crash course on Keyword Research, but what would you compact in a 30 min presentation on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)👀
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Focus on why you would do SEO and the value of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Maybe show 1-2 quick examples of success and what it meant to that business.
Business owners don't want or need to know in depth details about how to do SEO. If anything it will only make their head spin and avoid doing it.

William ✍️ » Roy
This is a case of the organizers not being experts in what they're asking the experts to do, lol.
Thanks so much for the input!

Patricio 🎓
The first thing I would let them know about this is capacity management as SEO has such a wide scope that realistically speaking, you cannot condense years or perhaps even decades of learning in 30 minutes. The best approach would be to give an overview. Be prepared for questions.
Well, you don't need to explain the details to them as you are not teaching them to be SEO users. You should spend the time explaining the bigger picture of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and organic website traffic can benefit their business and how it plays an important part in their entire digital marketing lifecycle.
The most important thing I would like to note is, if you want to deliver this effectively, keeping in mind that short term memory decays pretty fast. By the time your presentation has ended, they would have retained not even half of what was discussed after 2 hours. Try presenting information in chunks than going into detail about each part of SEO
Think of it as an entrance, a paraphrase or even just a quick glance.
I have done this quite heavily in the past, from small business owners to C-level management. The concept of meta tags itself is hard to grasp for them. I would start showing them a picture of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) and connecting the dots as to why SEO would be valuable to their business, as an example.

William ✍️ » Patricio
Yes, agree that presenting in chunks is great and is what I usually do, but condensing those chunks down to 30 mins…
Definitely appreciate your input! ❤️

Mew 👑🎩
Hey there!
Here's what you need to do:
1. Identify your audience. You said business owners. Are they local business owners, or national? This will give you some direction.
2. You need to decide if you want to exhaust them with information or give them a take away. The difference between discussing multiple SEO topics or focusing on one they can work on when they leave that day.
3. You need to understand the demographic. Should you use acronyms? Do they understand marketing terminology? Etc. This will provide an outline for your word choice and cadence.
4. So you want to bring follow up material with you? For example if they are local business owners, you could create a worksheet or checklist for them and discuss Google My Biz (GMB) optimization as the highest form of return, and put your info on the checklist.
Start here, and we'll get you through it.
With the above in mind…what're your thoughts?

William ✍️ » Mew
The audience is local business owners, typically in the startup phase with very little tech skills.
Definitely leaning towards the take away method, which is why my first hunch was to focus on a "pillar" of SEO vs an overview; the latter would definitely be information overload 🤦🏾‍♀️
Have a couple of weeks to prep so I REALLY appreciate your feedback! 😌
Mew 👑🎩 » William
With the above in mind I would personally focus on GMBs then!
Helping small business owners with optimization methods, and even a review process template would be pivotal to their needs, since more clicks go to GMBs now than organic SEO
Personal thoughts of course, but these are changes they can make on their own to some degree without advanced programming knowledge, and without the need to learn WordPress, Wix or whatever else their website is built on!

Business owner here. These are my thoughts:
* Some biz owners already know the basics of SEO. You should talk about something that you have done that UNIQUELY has generated return on investment. This should be something that would be near impossible to find on YouTube.
* Case studies work better. You have 30 minutes. If you illustrate what you have done in the context of an actual practical example, you are going to cover more ground in less time. For some particular client, you have probably done something that got amazing lift, and that makes you an EXPERT in that one particular micro niche.
At the end of the presentation, I want to know 3 things:
1) Did I learn something that I can implement today? You do something general like and I am going to think "tell me something I don't know". If there was no direct value from the presentation, I am going to think it was a waste of time.
2) Did the presenter actually achieve the results claimed or is this BS? The more "3 dimensional the case study" and the more "quantifable" results are shown, the less likely biz owners will think the presentation is BS.
3) Can the presenter achieve the same results for me at a price that is lower than what it would cost me to implement it myself?
Part 3 is the REAL reason why you should be giving the presentation. If the presentation goes will, it should result in additional business for you / your company.
Hope this helps.

William ✍️ » Brooks
1 Yes definitely, that's my main goal 😌
#2 I have a cool trick I use for this that works really well, it's a major hook!
I personally don't address #3 in these types of presentations, it's more of a paid speaking/educational opportunity than a pitch opportunity if that makes sense.
Brooks » William
Not saying you are directly pitching in point #3. If you do your job well in the presentation, it seems like customers would do an unsolicited follow up with you if they like your stuff.
William ✍️ » Brooks
Yep makes sense, thanks!

William ✍️
Thanks everyone so much for your input!


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