Pinterest Is a Good Social Media to Affect Search Engine Result Pages at Least Google SERPs


Struggling after 3 months of excessive work on my blog

Hey guys,

I would REALLY appreciate some advice from you. I'm a new german blogger and I'm working on a german personal development website. I've published about 32 articles so far and made sure, that my design + mobile responsiveness + sitespeed + you name it is on point, so I could theoretically start ranking for my pages.

The problem is, that 80% of my posts don't even get in the top 100. I studied Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as much as I could and I make sure, that my keywords are included in the H1+Title+Meta (and I follow every other SEO advice that I could think of). Most of my posts target 2-word keywords… so I figured that this might be my problem and I should focus longer long-tail-keywords.

I've tried a couple 5-word keywords so far and they seem to rank a bit better, but still not Google Page 1 (but it might take a while, since they are 1 week old and I got no authority with my brand new website).

Are there any tips you guys could give me? Because I'm very sure that I can keep up with my german competition, when it comes to writing.

Any tips on what I should look for, when I'm keyword researching? I always check, if the competition has on-page SEO or not and if the longtail keyword is long enough. I also check the keyword difficulty provided by KWFinder. I don't really know what else to check for. I always make sure to provide more content (quantity) than my competition.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, that I get about 1-3 clicks a day, which is very, very depressing, considering the amount of work I've put in already. But I won't give up.

I'm very involved in this stuff and I'm working all around the clock.
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Work another year and then look at it again. People that loose are the people that give up. There are bloggers that had been writing and working hard for years without anyone reading.

I chose my high competitive niche with the knowledge that I won't be having any views for a very long time and that's okay. It is discouraging but working on a blog for 3 months is nothing. Do you know how old your competitors sites are? Mine are 20+ years and they are huge institutions and companies.

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frey ✍️
Thank you for your encouraging words. Would you say that building a social media presence (Instagram, Pinterest e.g.) would help me getting backlinks or at least a bit of more traffic on my site? I assume it would push the metrics of my website, so Google would end up giving me a bit more authority. What is your opinion?

I believe that there is no better combination online than a blog and Pinterest. Pinterest is a visual search engine which means that once you post a pin from your blog it won't get lost like on Instagram or Facebook. One single pin can give you traffic for years. Of course some niches don't work on Pinterest but I cannot recommend it to people enough to just try it.

I set up Pinterest as soon as I started my blog and like you, I don't get traffic from search engines because it is such a young site. 90% of my traffic now comes from Pinterest.

Social signals are a part of Google's ranking, so the more shares and clicks you get the more Google will think: "oh that seems to be a nice site that people like." Google doesn't prefer any site before another it neutrally and objectively choses to show the most viewed and the most relevant content on top of the page. So the only thing you will have to do is to show Google that you are a valuable source of information.
frey ✍️
Another valuable comment. Thank you very much for your advice. Haven't touched pinterest yet and don't know jackshit about it. But I'm definitely gonna spend a lot of time researching it now. Your post gives me a lot of hope. thanks man!!!
When I first started blogging, almost all of my traffic for the first 6 months was from social – especially Pinterest. Google started to catch on around 6-12 months later, but all of my social backlinks helped speed the whole process up. By year 2 the vast majority of my traffic was from Google. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) takes time but lasts longer and is more reliable than social, but social is much faster to build and there's much faster gratification!
frey ✍️
Thank you very much. I'm already studying Pinterest, as you are the second person talking so greatly about it. Very valuable input, thanks so much.

I'm on mobile and don't have much time but had a few thoughts:
• Quality > quantity. If you can do both that's great, but 32 articles in 3 months is a lot. There are highly successful blogs that publish only a few times per year. (Wait But Why is one example.) Not saying you have to go to that extreme, but how much better could your posts be if you took 1-2 weeks on each one? Or even longer? Aim to make each thing you write the best thing out there on that subject.
• Promotion is critical. The other problem with pumping out many posts is that you probably don't have time to promote them. There are lots of specific tactics on this subject, but in general just realize that you need to put a lot of effort into getting the word out. Making sure your audience loves your work enough to help you spread it will help too but you need an audience first.
• Backlinks are just as important as on-page SEO. A big reason you aren't ranking is probably because you aren't getting backlinks. Easier to get backlinks if your articles are amazing, btw (see above).
• "Long tail" doesn't refer to the number of words in a keyword. It refers to a low volume of searches for that keyword. (Which implies less competition for it.) In practice longer keywords are indeed often long-tail keywords, but not always–sometimes longer keywords actually get more search volume (and have more competition) than shorter keywords. Perhaps this is especially true in German?
• 3 months isn't long. You're just starting out in a competitive field. But you're putting in a lot of work, and that's awesome. I think if you can just work a little more strategically (with the factors above in mind) you'll do very well over time.

That said, there are a million ways to succeed at this. Good luck!

frey ✍️
Very soothing. Thanks a lot.

Hows your social media marketing looking like?? Do you have a Facebook page, twitter, Instagram, and so forth? If not you should try them, because posting my blog post on social media seems to work. Remember, content is king. Also be patient and do some self testing to see what works and what doesn't. Hope this helps

frey ✍️
Hey, thank you very much for your reply. Yes… I thought about the stuff people said here about backlings and off-site SEO. Well… I watched a lot of IncomeSchool content … and as you might know already, they are throwing out a lot of nuggets. They say that you shouldn't worry too much about building backlinks or social media presence and that it will grow organically.

But I already figured out a way how I can grow an Instagram account, that I will start tomorrow and I'm going to dive into Pinterest. No clue whether that is effective.

Edit: not gonna touch Facebook though. I really hate FB and everyone says that it brings no value to bloggers. So I might focus on Instagram first, then later Pinterest. I can promote my website very well I think, with a strategy that I'm going to try out

Its awesome to hear your going on Instagram, but I have to say, I've been on pinterest before and I didn't have much engagement. I heard pinterest is good if your posting images. But anyways, good luck to you and If you have anymore question don't hesitate to ask.


3 months? Your blog may still be under Google's sandbox.

When my blog was 3 months old, I barely had any search engine traffic. I'd be lucky to have 5 visitors in a day from Google.

Now after 18 months, my blog is having 15k visits a day.

So be patient because blogging is not an overnight success story. That's why many would-be bloggers quit because they expect overnight success and never thought that blogging is really hard work.

I'll add that even if I'm already ranking well for many keywords, my new articles still take 3-6 months to rank in the 1st page. If my 18-month old site still takes time to rank for keywords, how much more for a 3-month old site?

frey ✍️
The kind of comment that I needed. Thank you so much


I know how you feel, I was there a few years ago. I worked obsessively on my blog for 3 years before really seeing decent results in terms of traffic & income. Was a very tough time and not good for the health. Almost gave up on several occasions, but finally getting somewhere near where I wanted to be with it.

Unfortunately, in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on a new site, from experience I can tell you that for a new site with low Domain Authority (DA) you initially won't rank well for anything competitive even if your SEO is perfect. Fact is that for all Google's apparent all-knowingness, even if you've written the greatest piece of content on the internet about a given topic Google can't actually just read & understand the content and know that it's the greatest. Instead it ranks your content according to user behaviour data, and it takes absolutely ages to do so – I have pieces of content that took many months, often over a year, to rank well even though I knew they were worthy of a high rank as soon as they were posted. It's very frustrating. Over time your Domain Authority (DA) increases which does actually make your new content rank faster. And if you post about something which doesn't already have much content online you can rank very quickly even with low DA.

In a nutshell, even if your SEO is perfect there is still one more key ingredient required – time.

In the meantime, while you wait for Google to work it out try to drive traffic from social media, especially Pinterest. I totally suck at social media though so can't really give any advice in that department!

frey ✍️
I'm very grateful for the effort you put into this post. thank you very much.

There are a few things you need to consider.
• Not all content is made equal. To be able to be found you need to provide something to be found by. Writing about personal growth in a German-language-only site is a very specific niche and to my knowledge is not something people organically search for in search engines like Google. This cuts you from a very important way of traffic building. To be more specific, to grow in rank (this is one of the best ways) people need to click on your content while looking for similar content in Google search results. The way would be to grow back-links to your content. The more good back-links you have there's a better chance Google will rank you better. Back-linking is, of course, a science of its own. For example, each site has a Google rank. Higher the site rank higher the value if a back-link. Of course, there's a catch. If the link pointing to your site uses rel="nofollow" you will not receive any value from that link. This is important as biggest sites like Facebook and LinkedIn will always offer such kind of links. If anyone is interested, leave a comment below and I will give you a hint which top-ranking site can give you an actual clean back-link.
• Someone else already beat me to the punch. It takes approximately 6 months for your content to properly rank. This will be affected by the topic of content you are writing about. However, in your case, after three months, 1-3 clicks a day is pretty low. However I agree with danielle__m, give it one year and then look at it again. Even more, as this is a very specific topic.
• Back to your content. From my experience, for this type of content, you should not rely on Google search. Instead, you should start building up your readership over LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. As your following start to rise so will your Google page rank.
• Do not cheat with back-links. If you are going to grow these make sure they are coming from other similar pages.
• Do not write short content (less than 1500-2000 words) and make sure this kind of content provides value. Returning readers will confirm the value.
• In your case, I would orient on these:
• Networking and building your community. Returning readers are a good sign for Google, even if those people do not come from organic search. Google knows everything.
• Social networks, especially LinkedIn
• Back-links building. Goes hand in hand with networking
• Quality content will bring people back
• A lot of time

frey ✍️
Very valuable, thank you very much. Thank you very much, you helped me a lot. I'm diving into social media from now on, which I have completely ignored so far.

I have learnt quite a lot from this thread. I'm a new blogger too, my blog is just a week old but have 8-10 visitors per day. I have gotten a total of 72 users based on Google analytics report. I drive traffic from social media since it still a new blog and i would advise you to do so because it might take some time to get traffic from google.

frey ✍️
I'm currently working on social media. You helped me a lot. Thanks

Hey there!

Just don't give up yet – it takes a while, especially with Google to get traffic. I started my travel blog (in English, although I am from Germany as well) a year ago and I didn't get any Google traffic in the beginning as well.

Pinterest is great for beginners and made up almost all my traffic until Google started picking it up after a while. Once your domain ages, Google is going to take you more seriously. Also, try to write long content – Google just loves long articles (I am talking about 2000+ words).

Also, one of my biggest mistakes, in the beginning, was NOT using a keyword research tool. Now I am using Keysearch, but there are a bunch of other options. I always make sure I have a chance to rank for these keywords before I even start writing an article now and this is definitely important!


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